Technogem Engineers, Pune, India. Established in year 1992 as marketing low cost automation components in pneumatics and manufacturing of Electromagnetic coils. Vast knowledge of available components and application oriented thinking gave us opening for machine manufacturing.

As a reward of consistency and perusing of required quality, presently we raised to work in area of around 15000 sq feet and around association of around 50 people started from 200 Sq feet and two Peoples. We were first people in India to manufacture post forming machine and continued to do manufacturing till today. For initial seven to eight years we were only manufacturer in India. Now we have around 500 machines working all over India. Apart from woodworking we have our manufacturing in Automation of Industrial needs.

For wood working we manufacture following machines:

1. Post Forming Machine: Most trusted post forming machine in India

2. Hot Press Machine: First Indian company to manufacture electrical heating platens. Now we manufacture Thermic oil as well as electrical hot Press. We are only manufacturer manufacturing both types.

3. Pressure Beam: We recommend this to each and every wood processing unit. This is accessory for the panel saw. Apart from its technical advantage it gives safety to the operators hand preventing accident on panel saw. We think we must have saved at least 500 fingers of the workers cutting the ply.

4. Manual Edge Banding Machine: This is lowest cost machine, manufactured considering entry level edge banding requirements.

5. Portable Edge Banding Machine: For need of curvilinear edge banding. And edge banding on sites.

6. Dust Collectors: Best succession capacity gives better efficiency and saves lot of money on running cost.

7. Membrane Press: Manufacturing membrane press with some unique features for good quality.

8. Thermoforming Press: First Indian company to manufacture this machine in India.

9. Vacuum Veneer Press: Very good machine for paper veneer pressing application.

10. Paint Booth:

11. Material Handling Systems: In the view of man power shortage we have started manufacturing different machine which will help either to reduce manpower or fatigue of labour. We manufacture tilting trolley, Ply lifter and trolley. Scissor lift, hand pallet truck and different conveyors.

As a continuation we have few more machines in our development. With our progressive vision about requirement of machines we know that our future coming machines will be very much required by Indian Wood working industry. And once introduced we will let you know about these.