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Portable Dust Collector - FE010V

Portable Dust Collector - FE010V

1. Reliable and powerful suction of saw dust
2. Patent registered Propeller design
3. Assembled in just 10 minutes
4. Quick bag clamp
5. Blower swivel angel: 180?

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Portable Dust Collector - FE010V - Product Details

Sawdust is a common problem in the wood working industries. It isdifficult to get rid of all the dust generated after cutting andmanual cleaning of dust is not feasible. Our dust collectors aredesigned to solve this problem. Dust collector prevents the dust fromentering the critical machine parts, avoiding major breakdowns andhence increases the machine life. In addition to this, it helps tokeep the environment clean, healthy and hygienic. Different models ofdust collectors are available for selection as per the flowrequirement and amount of dust to be collected. Various capacitiesare available as per the demand of the applications. Portable dustcollectors have advantage of moving from machine to machine whereverthe requirement is. This easy movement is possible because of thespecial portable design. Portability, reliability and powerfulsuction are the key features of our dust collectors. Our dustcollectors have become an integral part of the wood working industryowing to their safe and reliable operation.

Salient Features:

1. Reliable and powerful suction of dust from machines

2. Protection on the inlet and outlet of the blower to ensure safe and trouble free operation

3. The machine can be assembled in just 10 minutes

4. Quick bag clamp for simple hassle-free replacement of dust bags

5. Blower can swivel in 180? as needed by the application.

6. Single phase AC, 50 Hz operation

7. 1 hp (0.75 kW) motor

Technical Specifications:

               Parameter        Model No.: FE010V
Motor 1 hp
(0.75 kW)
Air Speed (m/sec) 32
Air Delivery (m3/min) 16
CFM (ft3/min) 550
CMH (m3/hr) 960
Inlet Size (mm (inch)) 100 mm x 1 hole
(4” x 1 hole)
Static Pressure (inch H2O) 4.86
Filter Surface (ft2) 15
Sound Pressure (dB) 68
Dimensions 75 x 38 x 185 cm
30 x 15 x 73 inch
Machine Weight 36 kg 80.64 lb
Power Supply Single Phase AC, 50Hz

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