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We are leading manufacturer and exporter of Heating Presses, Plywood Hot Press, Hot Press Lamination Machine in Pune, India. We manufacture and supply exotic range of Hot Press Machines in various specification and deliver our range to internationally based comprehensive clients. These are in compliance with the industry standards and cater to the requirements of the various industries and sectors involved in wooden material manufacturing.

We are reckoned across globe for the flawless range of Hot Press Machine which is characterized with smooth functioning. It is used to formulate plywood boards. Our assortment is available at economical price and is characterized with its durability and reliability.

The Hot Press Machine developed by our company are not only cost effective but are also easy to install and maintain. Engineered by our team of expertise the machines are highly designed as per the international specification.

Hot Press Machine are mainly used in Wooden Furniture Manufacturing Units, Interior Decoration Works, Wood working Training Centers and other Woodworking Industries.

Salient Features for Hot Press Machine:

  • Indigenous Manufactured Electrically Heated Platens.

  • Simple yet robust design for trouble free performance, over a prolonged period.

  • Operates on three phase electrical supply.

  • Suitable for pressing laminates and veneer to wooden boards.

  • Manufactured in technical consolation with M/s Technogem Engineers.

  • Backed by years of expertise in this field.

  • Hand Pump in parallel with Electrical Pump

Technical Specification for Hot Press Machine:

  • Platens Surface Area: 1250 mm x 2500 mm (4'1”x 8'x8'2”)

  • Effective Area: 1220 mm x 2440 mm (4'x8')

  • Specific Pressure: 60-2 Kg/Cm, 90-3 Kg/Cm, 120-4 Kg/Cm, 150-5 Kg/Cm

  • Type of Pressure: Hydraulic

  • Press Opening (Daylight): 250 mm

  • Heating Mode: Electrical

  • Overall Dimensions: 3300×1500×1850 mm

  • Electrical Load: 415 VAC3 ph 14 KW (19 HP

Introduction of the Hot Press Machine:

This machine is basically for laminating MDF, or Ply or Particle boards. Few more applications are for making flush doors and skin doors and for applying veneer

Our History of Manufacturing:

We started manufacturing Hot Press in 2004. We have kept the view of the market;requirement was of easily maintainable machine. Which can be repaired at low cost? We thought of importing heater platens, however repairing of the imported heater platens is not possible; we have to replace the platens. Result is we were the first people in India who manufactured electrical heater platens. Our heater platens are repairable and reliable.

Initially we were manufacturing only hot press. And for the requirement of cold press we try to convert to hot press or we have to leave the order. This is because we were not interested in manufacturing the cold press, like available in the market. Feedback from our customers was not for cedus to manufacture the cold press. However when we relies shortcoming of the cold presses available in market we started manufacturing cold press. Cost of our cold press is highest in the market. Still we are having lot of orders for the cold press because of its advantages and better quality and faster production capacity.And cheery on top is this cold press can be converted to hot press at any given time.

Around two years back we found that in certain case Thermic oil heated press has advantage over electrically heated press. Thus not only we started manufacturing Thermic oil heated press but we established the facility to manufacture oil Platens. We are now manufacturing Thermic oil platens and also exporting to other countries. Thermic oil heated press are economical when machine is under use for at least 16 hours a day or when you require temperature around 130 or you have more than three daylights in use.

We use standard ferrous raw material from the sources like Tata or Jindal. Fabrication is carried under expert with quality check. One of the important step in fabrication is stress relieving all our machines are stress relived as a standard production procedure. All the components are branded and key components are imported and we maintain the stock of these items.

Comparison of Standard Manufactured Cold Press with our Manufactured Cold Press.

1. Normal cold press is having two cylinders pressing the stack of sheets from top to bottom.Opening of the cold press is about 1 meter allowing stacking around40 sheets at a time. Our press fabrication is same like hot Press.Pressing from bottom to top. We have option of 60 ton (Four cylinders), 90 ton (Six Cylinders), 120 ton (Eight Cylinders) and 150ton (Ten cylinders)

2. Only two cylinders pressing from the top thus distribution of pressure is not sufficient leading to longer time requirement in pressing. We have option of four, Six, Eight and ten cylinders pressing. This gives uniform pressing all over.

3. When you are pressing laminates on ply. Thickness of the ply is never uniform.Thus when you stack around 40 sheets. At few places air gaps are present and all four corners are not at same thickness. Air gaps require very long time for pressing as glue inside is not pressurizer takes longer time to cure and still at few places air gaps are observed. Our study in this matter concluded that maximum 10 sheets are getting good surface contact when pressed in press. If you have more than ten sheets, then at few places even at higher tonnage air gaps are found. In our machine we have opening of only 300 mm which allows you to press only 10 sheets at a time. In this machine one cycle is completed in two hours and production is faster with better quality.

4. If you consider timing of 10 minutes for both side gluing and applying laminate toone sheet 40 sheets will require 400 minutes means around 6 hours and40 minutes, which is almost one shift time. For ten sheets you require 100 minutes and you can start applying glue to next sheets for the next cycle, so that when two hours cycle time finishes you're ready with next lot. This allows continuous work to the worker and material is also available for next phase of work. Thus if two workers are allotted for the work they remain busy during all the working hours. You get same quantity and production cycle time is reduced.

5. This machine is pressing from top to bottom thus in case of power failure you cannot have access to the material. As our press is up word pressing, you can open in case of power failure and material is available.

6. Lower loading platform and pressing from top to bottom has safety problem your worker can get trapped inside easily. Loading at higher level and as pressing is up word this is safe. No chance of accident under normal circumstances.

7. Dawn pressing press cannot be converted to Hot Press at all. As our design of cold press and hot press is same at any given time you can add heater platens and replace power pack your machine is Hot Press. Also allows differed payment option allowing investment in two phases.

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