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Post Forming Machine

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Post Forming Machine

Introduction of the Post Forming Machine:

This machine is basically used for bonding of flexible laminate with molded edge of the particle board/ Mdf Bard/ or Ply. Bonding can be full round, half round or bull nose type.

We have standard two modes of operation manual and auto. In manual all the functions are carried as per the switches pressed by the operator. This is mainly required for bull nose type job setting. Our machine is Plc operating normally our first program is set for the full round job and second program is for the half round job. As per you requirement you have to select the job. We have kept the facility of remaining 7 programs to you. We teach the programming when we come for the installation. When cycle is started In auto mode, all the operations are carried in series like clamping, the heater bar forward, and slowly it covers the entire surface you want to manufacture. Finally release of heater bar and de clamping. And aging machine come to start position.

Our History of Manufacturing:

We are first people started manufacturing post forming machine in India under the Brand of Technogem Engineers. First machine manufactured was in 1991 since then we are increasing our production every year. We are very well known in market for the good quality machine with minimum of the maintenance. We have more than 500 installations all over the India.  Even if have few out of India. All reputed modular furniture manufacturers are using our machine.

Post Forming Machine Applicable Area:

1. Kitchen Tops
2. Dust Tops
3. Table Tops
4. Shutters,
5. Office Furniture, etc.

Key Features of the Post forming machine:

1. PLC Programmed machine
2. 9 standard programs can be stored.
3. Reputed brand raw material.
4. Personal attention while manufacturing machine.
5. Special heater construction for uniform heating.
6. Separate control panel for ease of use.
7. Standard electric circuit
8. Three clamping cylinder for uniform clamping.
9. Eight cylinders for heater bar operation ensure uniform pressure distribution.
10. Short and Long job selection switch.
11. Full round and half round option
12. Ground and hard chrome platted heater bar for smooth scratch less operation.
13. Adjustable rear stopper for the repetitive jobs
14. Heart bar temperature can be adjusted up to 200 oC

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