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Pressure Beam/ Clamping beam for panel saw.

Introduction of the machine:

This is clamping beam to be used on panel saw while cutting. This can be easily mounted over a panel saw in the standard T slot provided on the sliding bed. And just give Air connection at the end. 
In this machine we provide three standard clamping stations. First is being used for cutting board up to 3 ft width. If you have to cut up to 6 ft you have to use only second valve for clamping this clamps both first as well as second clamp. And similarly in case of ply width around 9 ft you have to use third that is last valve for clamping. Each clamping stations are fitted with two pneumatic cylinders. And this has soft rubber on clamping surface.
 We provide all small components like T nuts to be used for mounting and Pneumatic coiled hose for stretchable connection at the end of panel saw.

Our History of manufacturing this machine:

We are manufacturing this machine for more than 12 years. And presently manufacture in batch of ten machines and we maintain the stack of this machine. Initially It was 100% milled steel fabricated however Now it is manufactured using special aluminum section which reduces the weight of the machine as well as gives very nice look.

Advantages of using Pressure Beam:

1. First to be hilted is it prevents accident to the operator’s fingers. As this clamp is fitted very near to the cutting blade while pushing the sliding table for cutting operator’s hands remain away from the high speed cutting blade.
2. Proper Contact of Scoring blade while cutting the ply.  This improves the quality of the cutting.
3. Thin sheets can be cut very straight as clamp prevents vibrations while cutting.
4. As vibrations are avoided blade life increase considerably.
5. Edge is very straight without any inner cuts gives good bonding while edge banding. Also Gives good shape when you are doing molding.
6. You have to just give the air connection rest of all the components are supplied by us.
7. Soft clamping rubber doesn’t make any scratches on the finish job.
8. Only one man can be used while cutting.

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