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Pressure Beam for Panel Saw

Pressure Beam for Panel Saw

1. Prevents accidental entrapment of fingers 
2. Six pneumatic cylinders with three clamping stations
3. Easy installation in ten minutes
4. Increased blade life
5. Proper finish due to scoring blade

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Pressure Beam for Panel Saw - Product Details

Pressure beam is nothing but a clamping beam to be used on a panel saw while cutting. The machine can be easily mounted over a panel saw in the standard “T” slot provided on the sliding bed and by just giving an air supply connection at the end.

We provide three standard pressure pads for clamping on the machine. You can select one pressure pad or first and second pressure pads or all three pressure pads by selecting corresponding valve. Each clamping station is fitted with two pneumatic cylinders and has a soft rubber piece on the actual clamping surface. These clamps are provided with air pressure regulator for adjusting clamping force. Also pneumatic coiled hose at the inlet makes the movement of the panel saw hassle free. All six cylinders are provided with flow control valve for speedy adjustment of the clamps.

We provide all the accessories like “T” nuts to be used for mounting and pneumatic coiled hose for stretchable connection at the end of the panel saw as well as pneumatic fitting for air inlet. All fasteners like the necessary nuts and bolts are also provided for installation.

Salient Features:

1. Six pneumatic cylinders with three clamping stations
2. Clamping can be done as per the size of the cutting board
3. Prevents accidental entrapment of fingers while cutting
4. Increased blade life
5. Smooth cuts can be made on thinner boards with ease
6. Operates on air pressure only
7. Aluminium section reduces weight of the machine yet makes the machine 8. robust and imparts excellent surface finish and luster
9. Clamping enables proper usage of the scoring blade which in turn avoids 10. chipping of wood at the cutting line.

Technical Specifications:



Overall Dimensions

120 mm x 300 mm x 3080 mm



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