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Post Forming Machine

1. First Postforming machine to be manufactured in India
2. More than 500 users across India and abroad
3. PLC Programmed machine for fully automatic operation
4. Simple yet robust design for trouble-free performance over a prolonged period
5. Available in Three-Phase as well as Single Phase model


Post Forming Machine Details

Post Forming Machine is chiefly used for bonding of flexible laminate with a molded edge of the particle board / MDF board or Ply. Bonding can be full round, half-round or bullnose type.

We provide two standard modes of operation namely, manual mode and auto mode. In manual mode, all the functions are carried as per the switches pressed by the operator. This is mainly required for bullnose type of job setting. Our Post Forming Machine is operated by the Programmable Logic Controller (PLC). Normally our first program is set for the full round job and the second program is for the half-round job. The type of job can be selected as per the requirement. The remaining seven programs out of the nine can be customized as per the job requirement. We teach how to program the machine when we come for the installation. When the cycle is started in auto mode, all the operations are carried out in series like clamping, the heater bar forward, and slowly it covers the entire surface to be manufactured. Finally, the release of the heater bar and de-clamping takes place and the machine cycle comes to the initial/start position.

Post Forming Machine Salient Features

  1. Three (3) clamping cylinders for better workpiece holding.
  2. Eight (8) cylinders for heater bar operation to ensure uniform pressure.
  3. Short job / Long job selection.
  4. Full round / Half-round setting.
  5. Ground and hard chrome plated heater bar for smooth operation and long life.
  6. PLC Programmed machine for fully automatic operation.
  7. Standard programs can be stored.
  8. The reputed brand raw material used for manufacturing.
  9. Personal attention while manufacturing the machine.
  10. Special heater construction for uniform heating.
  11. Separate control panel for ease of use.
  12. Standard electric circuit.

Post Forming Machine Technical Specifications

  • Max. Workpiece length:2400 mm
  • Max. Workpiece length(Recommended): 600 mm
  • Min. Workpiece width:160 mm
  • Max. Workpiece thickness: 100 mm
  • Min. Workpiece length:16 mm
  • Connected load: 3 KW
  • Electric Supply: 3 Phase 415 V AC Other voltages optional
  • Compressed Air Requirement: 30 LPM at 6 bar

(Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.)

Post Forming Machine Applicable Area

1. Kitchen Tops
2. Dust Tops
3. Table Tops
4. Shutters,
5. Office Furniture, etc.


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