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Portable Edge Banding Machine

1. Portability for the onsite work
2. Single-phase working
3. Straight as well as curvilinear
4. Hot melt standard glue for best bonding
5. High RPM Trimmer for better finish


Portable Edge Banding Machine Details

We manufacture and supply portable edge banding machines. The edge banding machines developed by our company are reliable and cost-effective. They are easy to carry onsite as well as can be fixed to the cutting table for factory working purposes. The machines are made with the use of the highest grade raw material. Edge banding machines are used in wooden furniture manufacturing units, interior decoration works, woodworking training centers, and other woodworking applications.

Introduction of the Portable Edge Banding Machine: 

This machine is manufactured with the view of onsite work and curvilinear edge banding, a very lightweight machine also used in the factory for the straight and curvilinear edge banding. It comes with a variety of accessories like vacuum cups, Edge Cutter, Electrical trimmer, Carrying case and also it has a table on which you can mount the machine and use inside the factory for normal use.

History of Manufacturing:

We are manufacturing this machine with the help of Comatic Taiwan. Basically to ensure good quality at a reasonable price we are importing the components from Taiwan and getting the assembly done here in India. Comatic ic very reputed and leading brand in the world.

 Portable Edge Banding Machine Advantages & Features

1. Name itself gives its first advantage portability anywhere on your site. machine weight is only 8.5 kg
2. Our machine comes with the table with the help of which you can use this machine as a manual edge banding machine inside your factory.
3. Excellent application of glue to the tape.
4. You can do straight as well as curvilinear edge banding even inner curves. Inner curves can be done only on this machine.
5. This machine can be used continuously or even you can use it for small quantity even one piece can be done.
6. Only 15 minutes required to initial start.
7. As finishing is to be done manually you don’t require setting time and don’t have to waste the material during setting.
8. Low Cost
9. Single-phase operation work on normal 5 Amp Socket.

Salient Features:

1. Glue thickness can be controlled

2. Excellent tape width adjustment for feeding

3. Adjustable temperature control

4. Edge band thickness: 0.3 to 3.0 mm

5. Width of edge band: 16.0 to 65.0 mm

6. Curvilinear as well as straight edge banding

7. Adjustable taper edge banding up to an angle of 75?

8. Vacuum clamp with flexible mounting

9. Sophisticated edge band trimmer

10. Stationary table mounting compatible with the trimmer

11. Adjustable dispensing wheel for edge band

12. Plastic cruiser case or Haversack packing for easy portability

13. Bare weight: 8.80 kg

Technical Specifications:



Input Voltage

230 V, AC Single Phase, 50 Hz

Bare weight of the machine

8.8 kg

Overall Wattage

750 W

Type of glue

Hot melt

Type of edge

PVC edge without pre-glue


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