Pressure Beam/Clamp

Project Description

A pressure beam for a panel saw is a critical component of the sawing system, designed to securely hold and stabilize the workpiece during cutting operations. It typically consists of a rigid beam or bar that applies downward pressure onto the workpiece, keeping it firmly in place against the saw’s table or fence.

Here’s how a pressure beam works within a panel saw:

  1. Stability: The pressure beam is positioned above the workpiece, parallel to the cutting plane of the saw blade. It provides essential stability to prevent the workpiece from moving or vibrating during cutting, ensuring accuracy and safety.
  2. Pressure Application: The pressure beam is equipped with mechanisms, such as pneumatic cylinders or mechanical clamps, that apply downward force onto the workpiece. This pressure keeps the workpiece securely in position, minimizing the risk of kickback or inaccuracies during cutting.
  3. Adjustability: Many pressure beams are adjustable to accommodate different sizes and thicknesses of workpieces. This adjustability allows operators to optimize pressure settings for various cutting tasks, ensuring consistent results across different materials and dimensions.
  4. Safety Features: Pressure beams often incorporate safety features, such as sensors or interlocks, to prevent cutting operations from starting unless the workpiece is properly secured against the beam. This helps to minimize the risk of accidents or injuries caused by loose or unstable workpieces.

Overall, the pressure beam plays a crucial role in the efficient and precise operation of a panel saw, providing the necessary support and stability to ensure accurate cuts and enhance workplace safety.

Pressure Beam for Panel Saw

  1. Preventsaccidental entrapment of fingers
  2. Sixpneumatic cylinders with three clamping stations
  3. Easyinstallation in ten minutes
  4. Increasedblade life
  5. Properfinish due to scoring blade

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Pressure beam is nothing but a clamping beam to be used on a panel saw while cutting. The machine can be easily mounted over a panel saw in the standard “T” slot provided on the sliding bed and by just giving an air supply connection at the end.

We provide three standard pressure pads for clamping on the machine. You can select one pressure pad or first and second pressure pads or all three pressure pads by selecting corresponding valve. Each clamping station is fitted with two pneumatic cylinders and has a soft rubber piece on the actual clamping surface. These clamps are provided with air pressure regulator for adjusting clamping force. Also pneumatic coiled hose at the inlet makes the movement of the panel saw hassle free. All six cylinders are provided with flow control valve for speedy adjustment of the clamps.

We provide all the accessories like “T” nuts to be used for mounting and pneumatic coiled hose for stretchable connection at the end of the panel saw as well as pneumatic fitting for air inlet. All fasteners like the necessary nuts and bolts are also provided for installation.

Salient Features:

  1. Sixpneumatic cylinders with three clamping stations
  2. Clampingcan be done as per the size of the cutting board
  3. Preventsaccidental entrapment of fingers while cutting
  4. Increasedblade life
  5. Smoothcuts can be made on thinner boards with ease
  6. Operateson air pressure only
  7. Aluminumsection reduces weight of the machine yet makes the machine robust and Imparts excellent surface finish and luster
  8. Clampingenables proper usage of the scoring blade which in turn avoids Chipping of Wood at the cutting

Technical Specification

Parameter Value
Overall Dimensions 120 mm x 300 mm x 3000 mm
Operation Pneumatic 5 bar